Wednesday, March 26, 2014

2014 Nationals

This years NCAA wrestling tournament was in Oklahoma City! It was so fun!! My mother in law watched the boys for a whole week for us! I honestly didn't know what to do with myself! This is the first time the Fonz and I have really had a vacation without the kids and I missed them so much but it was also nice for us to get some much needed time together. When the guys were busy me and the other wives got lots of time to go shopping and hang out downtown. It was a nice getaway for sure.

My 16 year old sister has a huge crush on Kyle Dake who is a 4x National Champ and guess who we happened to see our first night there?! I tried to be a creeper and take a pic from our table but Fonz called me out, so and I just had to take this pic and make her super jealous! haha.

Our hotel was right downtown so we pretty much walked everywhere we went. This fountain was left over from st. patties day I think.

Watching this year was definitely a lot less stressful than other years since my hubby wasn't competing. It was still so exciting and fun even though our team didn't do as well as we had hoped. But making it to this tournament is a big deal anyways so next year they'll be bringing it!

We got some much need time out on the town! It was so fun to get all of this time together! I am so happy I got to go.

And let me tell you how thankful I am for facetime! I got to talk to these munchkins pretty much everyday which made it easier being away from them and knowing they were doing fine. In Aiden's picture he said "mom, do you want to take a picture of  me?" And this is the face he made. It was cracking me up.

When we first got home Madden kept laugh/crying at the same time.  He wouldn't come to me from Fonz for a few minutes but when he did he would not let me put him down!! By the next day he was back to his happy little self! I missed this face! Aiden went right back to usual like we'd never left which was nice!

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The VomBaurs said...

so cute! that face would be pretty hard to be away from :) your boys are so boss!